Air Mattress or Bed - Adjustable Air Mattresses

If you have ever been camping, or had a sleep over at grandma's house when you were younger, you will no doubt be familiar with the air mattress. That same air mattress that was a little hit and miss in terms of whether it would still be inflated come morning. Well, today's modern air mattress has come a long way since your camping days and is now a very comfortable alternative to the inner spring mattress.

The days of offering that special guest in your home a mattress that looks like a pool toy have long since past. With the wide selection of aerobed mattresses available today, you can now offer your guest a very comfortable night's sleep on a cushion of air. Indeed, instead of one or two inches of mattress, there are now air mattresses available that stand a full two feet off the floor. These higher inflatable beds are a godsend for people with impaired mobility or those who have a difficult time getting up from the ground.

Many modern aerobed mattresses come with built in pump systems that inflate in minutes as well as taking up a minimum of space when deflated Gone are the days of sitting around waiting while Dad turns blue in the face from trying to blow up the mattress. The majority of modern air mattresses are covered with a soft, flocked top to reduce the plastic feel beneath the sheet. For a truly luxurious feel, a few of the top of the range air mattresses also include a layer of tempur memory foam on top of the air chamber.

Since the modern air mattress has become so comfortable, it often finds its way out of the hall closet and into the master bedroom. As this has happened more and more, manufacturers have responded with the addition of complete air-filled sleep systems. These mattresses have the look of a standard bed mattress but with a different inner mechanism. Instead of steel coils providing support, these mattresses cradle the body with air-filled pockets surrounded by stabilizing foam. These air pockets can be inflated or deflated to change the firmness of the mattress to match the needs of the consumer. Additionally, layers of padding and foam cover the air pockets further cushioning your body. Some models even include a layer of tempur material, or memory foam. These layers of padding provide the softness so often desired with just the right amount of support chosen by you, the sleeper.

Most manufacturers offer an air-filled mattress that has two separate air chambers. These chambers can be inflated to different levels and provide a different firmness on each side of the bed. This provides two sleepers with a customized support system to conform to their particular body sizes and shapes. Since most couples do not have the same preferences in firmness, the ability to choose their comfort level takes any disagreement and compromise out of buying a mattress.

As you can see, the modern aerobed mattress has come a long way since its early predecessors. Gone are the days of air mattresses being used only by campers and children. The modern air mattress has grown up to become a reasonable choice for consumers demanding a comfortable, supportive nights sleep.