Gingham Baby Bedding

Gingham baby bed linen is a very practical, lightweight soft cotton fabric which makes a great choice for almost any crib, cot or cradle. The name Gingham is Indonesian in origin and derived from the Italian word 'ging-gang'. Literally translated, it simply means striped. When it was first imported, it was a striped fabric but eventually developed into woven checked or plaid fabric. Plaid is a Scottish word meaning blanket or patterned woolen twill cloth often with a tartan pattern.

Gingham fabric is made of combed or carded medium to fine plain weave yarns with the coloring always along the grain of the warp yarns. Basically. it is a dyed cotton yarn woven into a checked, plaid or striped pattern of two or more colors. The fabric has no right or wrong side in respect of color or pattern.

As well as being used in infant bed sheets, Gingham fabric is also used in sleep wear, women's and children's blouses, aprons, beachwear, handkerchiefs, curtains and bedspreads. It is quite often used as a test fabric by fashion designers prior to making garments in fashion fabric.

Gingham is a strong serviceable fabric that launders well. However, when buying infant bed linen, check the labelling to ensure that the material has been pre shrunk. If not, you will find that after it first machine wash, the fabric will have suffered substantial shrinkage.

It makes a great serviceable bed set for your little one because it is resistant to wrinkling, provided that the fabric is wrinkle resistant. Consequently, it can be washed, aired and put straight back on to the bed without any ironing. Your baby's bed sheet will always look fresh and clean with very little effort.

Gingham baby bedding is available in a variety of different colors including blue, purple, green, pink and lavender.

Gingham bed linen is usually made of a cotton and polyester combination and often features white and an otherwise contrasting color. It makes for soft yet strong and serviceable bedding and is a fine colorful addition to your youngsters bedding needs.