Natural Baby Bedding - Organic Cotton Baby Bedding

Baby cot bedding is very important when you take into account how much time a newborn child will spend in their crib. When an infant is surrounded by bed linen you need to make certain there are no herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals used when the fabric was produced. To this end you need to do your homework and get the very best and safest bedclothes for your little one

You need to be sure your newborn's skin is kept away from any bed covers that have been treated with any type of chemical. Flannelette is very good bed linen but it is often produced with the aid of chemicals. In order to help ensure your baby's skin does not get aggravated and he or she has no allergic reactions, you should plan on using natural bedding that is chemical free.

You would be better off to use a flannel sheeting because it is so breathable. There is no way that regular cotton can compare to the safety and comfort of organic cotton baby bedding. Organic baby bedding provides sensitive pink skin with the coziness that it deserves.

Some sheets that are manufactured with 100 % cotton but are treated with a chemical called formaldehyde resin. This is done in order to make the cotton both stain and crease resistant. However, when you consider that this chemical is used as an embalming fluid to preserve body parts and can cause instant allergic reactions to the skin, is it any wonder that it should not go anywhere near a baby's skin.

There are also a lot of blankets for babies, comforters, and baby crib sets that are not produced with 100% cotton. They have acrylic and polyester in them and are bad for an infant as they can emit a gas. It does this every time your babys body heat warms it up which then causes your little one to get irritated eyes and skin or maybe even worse.

There is just no better way for you to go with your baby nursery bedding than to use fabrics that are only cotton or flannel. There is no better environment than a firmly fitted 100% cotton sheet made of natural fibers. Let your little angel sleep on the most comfortable textile fabric for him or her and you too will sleep a lot better knowing that your youngest is on the safest most natural material available.

Consider shopping around for 100% natural cotton theme baby bed sets when you are making your nursery. The baby cot bedding you choose could have great impact on your special one.