Best Safety Conscious Baby Cribs

When a couple learns that they have a baby on the way, one of the first things that they think about buying is a cot for the baby. Baby cribs are such an important part of an infant's new life and parents want to be sure they get one that not only looks good, but will be a safe and comfortable place for the new addition to the family.

Cribs are used from the time a newborn comes home until he reaches the age of about two years. Cots are an important piece of baby furniture that helps to assure that the baby is kept safe at all times. It is important for a crib to be well-built and sturdy. It should allow the parents easy access to the infant, while at the same time, assuring that as the child grows he will not be able to release the side-rail.

Often baby cribs have a great deal of sentimental value to the family and will often be passed on to the next generation as an heirloom. Because of this, it is important to shop around and purchase a crib that not only is appealing in looks, but will last for generations to come.

Cribs can often be purchased as a part of complete baby furniture sets that usually include other basic furnishings for the nursery. Other essential pieces of furniture include changing tables, dressers, armoires, baby gliders or rocking chairs.

There are a few different styles of cribs from which you can choose. The most basic kind of crib is a standard sized rectangular crib. Rectangular cribs usually have end pieces made from solid wood and sides made with spindles. One or both sides of the cot will drop down when a release lever is pushed to allow the parents to easily get the baby out.

In recent years, convertible baby cribs have become a popular option. These cribs are designed to accommodate the child as they grow and can be used well past the age of two, as is common with a standard crib. Most of these cribs are able to go through two transitions. The first transition is from baby crib to toddler bed when the child outgrows the crib stage. A convertible crib can later be transformed again and changed from a toddler bed into either a daybed or a twin-size bed.

Although convertible baby cribs generally cost more, in the long run they can save the family money. There is no need to purchase another bed when the child outgrows the crib. However, if a family is planning on having more than one child, then a convertible crib might not be the best choice, if another infant comes along who will need the piece of infant furniture.

Round baby cribs are another option that many parents enjoy. The round cribs are unique, very attractive and are considered upscale. Because of the shape, there are no corners that can later become a hazard and they make a pleasant play pen as well. In addition, as the baby starts to grow and pull himself up, when he falls backward he is less likely to hurt himself by falling against the other side of the crib; he will fall onto the center area instead. In general, a round crib will work best in a spacious nursery and not as well in a small room.

Cribs that feature adjustable mattress heights are also a smart choice. When the baby first comes home, the mattress would be at its highest setting so that it is easy to reach in and pick up the child. As the baby grows and begins to stand up, you can lower the mattress level to help make sure the baby can't climb over the side.

The best baby cribs are those that are made of a quality hardwood such as oak or maple. Softer woods, such as pine, are damaged more easily and they can warp, causing structural problems. It is also important that the baby crib is constructed of metal hardware and not plastic. Metal hardware is much more durable and is not prone to breakage.