Best Crib Mattresses - Baby Cot Mattress

Could you imagine what it would be like to spend ten to fourteen hours a day lying on an uncomfortable surface because that is what happens to a baby with a cheap cot mattress. Since she cannot tell you that she is uncomfortable, do you not think that she deserves the best sleeping surface that you can afford?

When choosing a good crib mattress, there are several factors to take into account, the first of which is the type of support system that you want. The two types to choose from are foam and inner spring, both of which have been the subject of debate for decades as to which is the best.

If you decide on a foam mattress, which tends to be the cheaper of the two, be sure to select one with the highest density. This does not mean the greatest thickness but instead, the greatest weight. Heavier foam tends to hold up better under weight and rebounds to its original shape quicker when the weight is removed. However, beware of extremely cheap foam as many are made with inferior quality foam that can become brittle and eventually start breaking apart inside the cover thereby reducing support.

Apart from the fact that they are less expensive, foam mattresses do have several advantages including the fact that they are much lighter and easier to move. This makes changing the sheets an easier job and as anyone who has had a baby can tell you, this is a constant chore, so lighter is definitely better. Another advantage to foam is that it is more resistant to allergens than inner spring mattress models. It has no coils to harbor dust mites and other allergens that tend to make us sneeze.

The other choice of crib mattress is the inner spring model which are modeled after adult inner spring mattresses. To choose a good firm model, you need to look for a higher coil count, somewhere between 150 and 180. Above these figures, smaller gauge wires are used and these provide reduced support. While these crib mattresses provide excellent support, they are quite heavy compared to their foam counterparts. This can make changing the sheets cumbersome and difficult. However, if you want the mattress to last through multiple children, an inner spring may make the most sense, because their life span is that much longer.

The outer covering of crib mattresses, which your mother use to call ticking, is another very important factor to take into account. Most are covered with vinyl and the better models include several layers. Although fabric is that much softer and more natural, it must be treated with chemicals to meet fire resistance standards.

Finally, no matter whether you choose foam or inner springs, you must consider the size of the mattress. It absolutely must fit snugly inside the crib with no more than a finger space all the way around. This ensures that an infant will not become entrapped in the side and possibly suffocate.

Your precious baby will be spending so much time on her crib mattress that investing in a good one is something you can do to make her little life so much more comfortable.