Best Firm Mattress - What is the Best Mattress for Spine Support

You have a constant back ache so you go to your doctor. He tells you to throw out your mattress and get yourself a new one. Now comes the hardest part which is choosing a new one. However, that job has just been made a whole lot easier thanks to knowing just what the doctor ordered. When it comes to choosing mattresses, doctors, chiropractors and orthopedists have several things to say. Most will tell you to sleep on a firm mattress but what exactly is firm. After all, firm is a subjective term and what one person calls firm, you may call "why bother," because it feels more like sleeping on the floor anyway.

Surveys amongst orthopedists show that the majority recommend medium to firm mattresses over firm. This is because if the sleep surface is too hard, it can cause uncomfortable pressure points at the shoulder, hip, and knee. This pressure can aggravate arthritis and even cause deterioration of the joints over time.

To reduce the firmness of existing mattresses, you can place a layer of padding on top. Most doctors recommend that this padding be one and a half to two inches thick. It can be latex foam, memory foam or layers of material such as cotton, wool or down. Whatever type of mattress pad you choose, be sure that your sheets will still fit snugly over the entire sleep set.

Doctors will also recommend that you make sure your support system is adequate. Whether it is inner spring, water, air or foam, the core is where the support for your back is located. Once it begins to wear out, you are left without the support that will guarantee the proper alignment of your spine.

Improper support can let your back sway out of position and result in bulging or herniated disks. These problems cause a large percent of the back surgeries performed. Don't take that chance. Make sure the support system of your mattress is in good shape.

Another doctor that will weigh in about your mattress is the dermatologist. They recommend using a material that helps keep the skin dry to regulate the body temperature. Natural materials such as cotton and wool act quickly to pull perspiration away from the skin. This keeps you cooler. You remain at a more constant temperature so you don't spend the night throwing off the cover, only to chase it down a few hours later.

Once you have chosen the right type of mattress, you will want to take proper care of it. Use a good mattress pad or moisture proof cover. Also, be sure to rotate your sleep set often. This will allow for a more even wear and prevent the sagging effect. Rotate your beds from top to bottom and clockwise for the most even wear. Remember to rotate your frame also to prevent breakdown from stress.

When it comes to selecting a mattress, take your doctor's advice. Make sure you have enough support but also enough padding. Also choose materials that will breathe and allow you to sleep cooler. Finally, rotate your sleep set to get the most out of your investment.