Best Support Pillow - Best Pillow for Allergies

If you wake up in the morning with neck or back ache or find that you just cannot get comfortable enough to drop off to sleep at night, chances are that the pillow that you rest your weary head on could either be too soft or too hard. Some people prefer their pillows to be really firm and supportive whilst others love a pillow with a soft and bouncy feel to it. That choice really comes down to the way that you sleep. Do you sleep on your front, side, back or a combination of all three positions and how does your neck and back feel when you wake up.

There are several types of pillow, which have varying levels of firmness. These are -

  • Goose or Duck Down - For a Medium to Soft Feel
  • Microfibre and Hollowfibre - Gives a Medium Firm Feel
  • Memory Foam and Latex - Supportive Firm Feel

Goose Down Pillow

Made from the finest goose or duck down and feather, these are considered the ultimate luxury. The delicate yet substantive filling offers a medium to soft feel that adjusts itself to the contours of the neck and spine. The soft down traps warm pockets of air that gives a lightweight airy feel that you can really sink into while still offering support exactly where it needed.

Micro Fibre Pillow

If you or your sleep partner suffer from any allergy or asthma, natural filling such as down and feather is out of the question. Micro fibre pillows are made from a highly compressed synthetic fibre that has an air pocket running through the length of it. This air, which is pumped into each fibre during the spinning process, makes the material as warm and comfortable as goose down, but is highly breathable and has a more economical price tag.

Hollow Fibre Pillow

Hollow fibre is a synthetic silconised hypoallergenic material whose texture is very light and fluffy. It gives a medium to firm feel to the pillow and, being total man made and non-allergenic, is ideal for asthma sufferers and children. Hollow fibre pillows are generally better at maintaining their shape and loft than natural fill pillows are.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows were originally created for people who suffered from neck and back problems. They give a supportive firm feel while being very comfortable to sleep on.

Memory foam is an amazing material that spreads out evenly whenever pressure is applied to it. When you rest you head on the pillow, the foam will shape itself to your head no matter which way you lay. If you then move to a new position, the foam will gradually return to it’s original shape.

It is claimed that a memory foam pillow will help sufferers of insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

Latex Pillow

This is the traditional firm feel pillow made from natural latex or a mixture of both natural and synthetic latex. They conform to the head and neck, providing optimum comfort and support. Latex foam pillows are long lasting, durable and resilient. They are also hypoallergenic making them ideal choices for allergy sufferers.

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New ORIGINAL - Orthopedic Leg Pillow With Memory Foam Wedge Pad Support Cushion

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OPTP Contour Leg Pillow - Foam Sleeping Support (320)

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Perfeclan Soft Memory Foam Pillow Neck Back Support Orthopaedic Pillows

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