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It is a fact that the majority of people will go to great lengths to get the best deals on products, even buying second hand if the opportunity presents itself. Nevertheless when it comes to a crib for your newborn, the best advice is to always buy new. Your little one will spend a lot of time in their cot and it is therefore essential that it is safe and conforms to current safety regulations. Many earlier cribs no longer comply with today's standards for quality and safety and could pose a serious risk to your child. Much research has gone into current design and construction of baby cribs. For example, the side bars need to be at least two and a half inches apart to ensure that your infant doesn't get their arms or legs trapped between them when sleeping. Prior designs do not adhere to these guidelines and can therefore pose a risk.

There is a lot of ongoing research concerning cot bedding due to the risks that blankets, bumpers and pillows can pose to a newborn child. Although it is vital to keep your little one warm and comfortable at night, it has been proven that blankets and bumpers can pose a risk for suffocation. For example, your baby can easily become entangled in their blanket causing airway obstruction or end up with a pillow over their head during the night.

Cot bumpers not only help protect the baby from getting stuck in between the side bars, but they also provide a soft cushion protection should your infant hit the crib. Nonetheless, bumpers need to be securely fastened in place in order to ensure the ultimate safety. As with pillows and blankets, bumpers pose a suffocation risk if the baby should become entangled in it.

Blankets and pillows provide great decoration, but when it comes time for baby to sleep, these should be removed from the cot. Bumpers should be fastened properly and double checked every time you put your baby down for the night.

As the colder nights draw in, parents should put their babies in wearable blankets that form themselves to the body. They present no risk to the youngster becoming entangled. It is advisable for parents to check their little one during the night to make sure that they do not become overheated due to the very warm wearable blanket.

With a few small steps, parents can ensure the safety of the crib bedding. However, they should avoid using older cribs which may not always adhere to current safety standards.

In order to assure your baby's well being in a crib, it is important to consider turning down any second hand offers from your friends and family and buy new. The investment will be well worth the peace of mind in knowing that the bed that your little angel sleeps in is safe and secure.