Crib Mattresses Are Critical for the Safety of Your Baby

When it is time to start outfitting the nursery with infant furniture for the new arrival, it's important to consider the quality of crib mattresses, just as much as you would any other mattress. It is important that your new infant be comfortable and well supported. However, most people are not aware that an infant needs a firm mattress. Many adults think that cushiony is the way to go, which in turn can cause harm to a newborn.

Unlike their parents, babies do not need to have an overly soft or cushy mattress. In fact, a crib mattress that is too soft can be a hazard and can create dangerous situations that could lead to smothering. It is believed that one of the causes of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is due to the baby sleeping on a mattress that is too soft. When babies are first born, they are not able to lift their heads and this fact means that a soft and cushy crib mattress can be very dangerous for your newborn.

One of the most important aspects of choosing crib mattresses is to be sure that it is the right size to fit the crib. The crib mattress should fit very snugly and leave absolutely no gaps or spaces around the perimeter. If it does not fit the crib right, then the mattress can shift around and form gaps which could allow the baby to become trapped and suffocate.

In most instances, the proper fit of a crib mattress is not an issue because cribs and mattresses generally come in standard sizes. However, because it is such an important safety issue, this is crucial information to know. It is easy to test to see if the mattress is fitting the baby furniture properly. Simply test the fit by sliding a finger in between the edge of the mattress and the crib frame. If you are able to put more than one finger-width in between the bed frame and the mattress, then the crib mattress is the wrong size.

An infant crib mattress must also have waterproof qualities for obvious reasons. If the one you have did not come with a waterproof treatment, then this is easy to remedy. Waterproof mattress covers can be purchased anywhere that baby bedding accessories are sold or they can be ordered from a baby store online. Keep in mind that this crib mattress will be used for at least two years or longer, if additional babies come along. Remember to keep the crib clean and in good condition since it may be past down to future generations.

Crib mattresses can be made of foam or they can have a coil inner spring construction. The cost is not necessarily a good indication of the quality of the mattress and it is a good idea to do some research on bedding accessories and to comparison shop. If you purchase from a baby store online, then you will be able to enjoy a discount, although it is always wise to look for sales at the local baby furniture stores as well.