Electric Blankets - Good or Bad

Electric blankets have received plenty of unjust criticism through the years. Doctors cautioned diabetes sufferers to steer clear of them since they might be unable to gauge just how hot the blanket becomes, given their nerve damage. Misguided research attempted to link the blankets with cancer, and stories of fires and product recalls might have decimated the industry. However, considering the soaring cost of energy nowadays and given the developments of electric blanket technology, more folks are looking at purchasing one of these comfy inventions to enable them to cope with the cold winter months, get rid of a stomach ache, cut costs on home heating bills or to help them get to sleep.

Invented during the early 1900's, these cumbersome contraptions were viewed as an unsafe oddity at the time. Nevertheless, by 1921, electric blankets, or heated quilts as they were known, were being used at tuberculosis sanatoriums, where sufferers were frequently advised to sleep outdoors to get sufficient fresh air. In 1936, following many years of design changes, the first intelligent consumer friendly electric blanket employing a thermostat control together with an automatic turn off feature became available. These days, the technologies used in electric blankets are simply amazing.

Hammacher Schlemmer Electric Blankets

There are several popular brand names to think about when considering blankets that are wired for electricity. The audaciously named "Best Electric Blanket" offered by the prestigious bedding accessories company Hammacher Schlemmer, is among the top products. Following thorough testing, this low voltage, and machine washable blanket has proven very safe, with a ten-hour automatic shut-off along with low voltage. The hypoallergenic fleece is incredibly cozy plus the large print, easy to read control appeals to older folks in particular. However, even the lonely single person can curl up inside a warm bed for $199.95.

Sunbeam Electric Blankets

The electrically wired blankets by Sunbeam are another reputable product line. There are a variety of designs, materials, sizes, colors and prices available. The Micro Mink claims to be one of the most luxurious electric blankets available. This 100% polyester blanket comes with an auto dimmer setting for nighttime, ten temperature options, silent mode and it is machine washable. The blanket satisfies UL safety standards and is designed so that it will not overheat as a result of bunching, folding, or adding an additional blanket on top of it. You can purchase the blanket in king, queen, full or twin for between $35 and $80.

Can Electric Blankets be Washed

Washing is usually an issue with electric blankets, since you certainly do not want throw something with electrical wires into your washer. Moreover, because a lot of the blankets are thin or delicate, they can easily wear or tear during a turbulent washing machine cycle. You will need to study the label for specific instructions, but generally, Sunbeam, Evening Whisper and Hammacher Schlemmer all offer an electric blanket that is machine washable. Typically, just five minutes in pre-dissolved detergent, sans bleach, is enough. Cold water rinsing and spin cycle drying are recommended. Many folks elect to hand wash in lukewarm water for fifteen minutes, rinsing in cold water twice and allowing the blanket to hang dry or tumble dry for ten minutes.