Iron Baby Cribs

When looking at a new cot for your newborn, an iron baby crib may be the perfect choice for you and your growing family. Since it will be the focal point of the room, apart from your little angel of course, you should take the time to choose a piece that fits in with the dynamics and shape of the nursery. Rather than go for the normal wood varieties, why not make a dramatic design impact and choose the sheer style and sophistication of a hand crafted iron baby crib.

Many different types, sizes and styles are available and you will likely be spoiled for choice. Round, oval and the standard rectangular styles are just the beginning. There are also double round (for twin babies) and heart shaped designs.

There are a wide variety of colors and designs with many including figures such as rabbits, airplanes or animals to complement the nursery theme. Some parents like to match the markings on the cot to the various details around the bedroom

Some designs include a canopy together with high corner posts to create the illusion of a four poster bed. This will for additional accenting with matching curtains, canopy material and bedding.

Prices vary dramatically from a relatively inexpensive lightweight model that is completely portable, to an ornate cot with all the bells and whistles that can run well over $1000.

An iron baby crib is a beautiful addition to any nursery setting with other metal accents or even simply that of a wide variety of colors.

All full size cribs that were manufactured after 1989 must abide by certain safety standards. These were brought in to prevent children from strangling themselves because their bodies can slip through openings that their heads can't. Slats, spindles and corner posts cannot, by law, be more than 2 3/8 inches apart at any point. Similar regulations apply to decorative cutouts and openings.

It is therefore wise to be aware of consumer safety information when buying a bed that your precious infant will be spending so much time in. Take the time to educate yourself on the essential safety aspects before making your final buying decision.

Cribs made from iron are sturdy, long lasting and will show little sign of the wear and tear that other materials would. They can be used for each of your children and will stay in more or less the same beautiful condition as the day you bought it.