King Size Duvet Cover - King Size Quilt

Having just bought that luxurious king size bed and wonderfully comfortable mattress that you have always wanted, you decide the only thing to cover it perfectly will be a king sized duvet cover. But what is it about a quilt or duvet that have made them so popular.

I should point out that in America, a duvet cover sometime refers to the quilt and cover combined whereas in Europe a duvet is referred to as a quilt and the cover that goes over it as a quilt cover. To confuse matters even more, a duvet or quilt are sometimes referred to as a comforter.

Originally a duvet or quilt, which first became popular in Europe, was just a big bag that was stuffed with the down or feathers of the Eider duck and, much like a blanket, was used to keep people warm at night.

This 'bag of feathers' was also known as an Eider-Down. People quite frequently slept on one and used a second one to cover themselves. However, as time went on, they became more accepted as not only a piece of bedding but something that could also be attractive in your bedroom as well.

Purchasing a king size duvet cover is not such a difficult job, but there are, as always, decisions to be made on how you want things. To begin with, do you want the cover to match your other bedding and if so, do you want the same pattern that is on your sheets and pillow cases. Alternatively, you may prefer a complimentary pattern on the duvet cover so you can use multiple sheet sets on your bed.

Apart from deciding whether to match the sheets and pillowcase, you may also want your new king duvet cover to match or at least accent your curtains or carpet. It is a whole question of decorating to make your bedroom the way you want it. Everything changed when you purchased that new bed.

Once you have made all of the decorating decisions, there is one other important choice to make regarding your new king size quilt, especially if you or your sleep partner suffer from any allergies or asthma. That decision relates to the type of stuffing used inside the quilt. A feather filling is out of the question if either of you have allergies or asthma, so you will have no choice other than to choose one that is made of synthetic materials.

Although these are not quite as good as the real thing, they will keep you warm enough at night. However, if you have no known reactions to down, that is the best choice to make especially as it is known to last longer, does not clump and so does not lose its warming capabilities especially on those cold frosty nights.

Luxury 6pc. European Beige Silk Cotton 600TC Duvet Cover Bedding Set

Luxury 6pc. European Beige Silk Cotton 600TC Duvet Cover Bedding Set

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Seaside Print Easy Care Reversible, Single, double, King Size.(G)

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