Custom Made Mattresses - Special Bed Mattresses

There was a program on television recently called Extreme Makeover (a US import here in the UK), where they made a custom circular bed. However, they appeared to make the base of the bed first and then tried looking for a round mattress that would fit the base. Guess what - they could not find a round mattress in any store but instead had to order a special bed mattress made to their specifications.

Maybe you have a room that is an unusual shape or perhaps your bedroom walls are rounded. If you have a room that is shaped like an octagon, a standard rectangle shaped bed would probably look out of place in such a contemporary room. What about the heart shaped beds that you sometimes see in honeymoon suites in Las Vegas hotels. All very romantic for newlyweds but have you ever seen them in any store.

Thanks to the Internet, you can order custom made mattresses in standard rectangle shape, round or heart shape and these special orders can be custom built to match your requirements.

The majority of manufacturers make mattresses in the standard sizes of double, full, queen and king and although these fit most needs, some rooms or people require a size that cannot be found in stores. If you want to customize the size of your bed, you can order a mattress to the exact length and width required for your special needs.

A lot of people think twice about buying a special order mattress in the mistaken belief that they will not be able to find sheets and spreads to cover them. However, in the internet world, anything is possible and there are some specialty linen shops and web sites that offer to make linens to fit any bed. All you need to do is provide the dimensions of the bed so that your bedding can be made to order.

Another way you can customize your order is by choosing all natural materials. In place of the synthetic products used to build most sleep systems, some specialty sites offer a variety of all natural fabrics and stuffing for your bed.

One such choice is the all natural latex foam core which can be made out of 99 percent pure rubber. One major advantage of natural latex mattresses is that the foam does not break down with age. This is especially important if you suffer from asthma or any breathing disorder as the common latex mattress breaks down into particles that can be inhaled. These particles can cause harm to the lungs.

Another natural product that can be used in your custom order is natural wool. Wool does not hold heat like some other fabrics and it dries quickly. Wool is also more resistant to crushing which ultimately means that your mattress will last longer.

So, as you can see custom ordering a mattress can make a lot of sense if you have special needs. Whether it is size, shape, or material, you can get just what you want if you are willing to wait a little longer and pay a little more.