Microsuede Duvet Cover

If you want to create a sophisticated look in your bedroom without spending a fortune, take a look at a microsuede duvet cover which has become one of the hottest trends in bedding. There are several reasons why they have become so popular, not least of all being how it looks. A duvet cover made from microsuede is beautiful to look at and adds a touch of style and warmth to any bedroom. As well as being very soft and durable, they also drape well over any bed mattress and are available in an array of different colours and patterns.

Another appealing quality of a microsuede duvet cover is the fact that it is machine washable. This may come as a surprise to many people as it looks very much like suede, a material that normally has to be dry cleaned. However, the microsuede fabric is actually made out of 100% microfibre polyester. Consequently, the cover can be removed from the quilt or comforter and machine washed and dried without causing it any damage.

If you were to purchase a genuine suede duvet cover, the price would pay would be quite high, to say the least, whereas a microsuede duvet cover will cost a lot less and yet it still looks and feels like the genuine article.

Microfibre polyester undergoes a sueding finishing process during manufacture which results in a fabric with a slightly napped surface that looks and feels like genuine suede despite being synthetic in nature.

Microfibres are strands which a thinner than one denier - the standard scale for measuring fabric thickness. The end result is a material that is exceptionally soft that also holds it's shape very well.

Microsuede duvet covers are available in all manner of vibrant colours and patterns and can also be purchased to fit all sizes of mattress including king, queen and twin.

The color is really dependent on personal choice and existing decor but with both solid color and prints being available, you are sure to find a design that suits. Some microsuede duvet covers also come in sets with pillow shams and corner pleated bed skirts in a matching fabric.