Nursery Toile Baby Bedding

Baby bed linen and toile have been around for hundreds of years, but toile baby bedding is a fairly new concept which has only recently been integrated into infant bedclothes and bedroom themes. In the past Toile was more often associated with the well off but nowadays, from a cost point of view, it is within reach of most people. Toile De Jouy or Toile for short originated in France and literally translated means "cloth from Jouy en Josas" which is a town in the North of France.

The best way to describe toile is to imagine a beautiful and detailed lake or mountain scene. While thinking of that scene, place it on a white or off white background and then repeat the pattern. If you have done that, you will have an idea of what toile is about. In other words, it is a detailed style normally set on a background of white or an off white color with the pattern repeated.

As well as being found on on upholstery and curtains, this decorative style is now available as a bedding theme as well.

If you have decided on bed linen for the nursery that goes with an entire theme, there is plenty of opportunity to build a wonderful toile nursery theme that has plenty of pictures and a real story to tell. All you need to do is use a little imagination to come up with a custom design for your nursery. There are numerous patterns and styles to help you get the look and feel that you want.

Toile bedding sets include reversible quilts, crib bumpers, crib sheets, dust ruffles and much more.

There are also a number of color patterns common to toile which include -

  • Crib bedding set in chocolate brown and pink
  • Coordinating prints with gingham style checkering
  • Nature nursery rhyme with animals
  • Green and ivory toile bed set with a dash of yellow

When choosing your toile infant bed set, ensure that you go for 100 % cotton or flannel. This is a much safer option than materials made from or including polyester and acrylic. Being plastic, both of these can emit gases when your baby's body heat reacts with the material.

Check the labels on the bed linen to ensure that you are buying only quality toile baby bedding