Spring Air Mattress Review

To be able to make the most of you waking hours you need to get up each morning, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. To be able to do that, you need to get a comfortable and restful sleep the night before. Getting the proper sleep is not only a requirement to guarantee your mental alertness throughout the day, but it is also an important part of health maintenance. The Spring Air mattress line of products provides quality mattress beds that help to assure that you get the rest you need and deserve.

The company that produces the Spring Air mattress line claims that their products have a superior construction to other mattresses on the market. They also say that they bring a new technology to their bed assembly, which helps to enhance the support and comfort levels.

Among the product line-up from Spring Air mattress beds is one called the Back Supporter, which provides comfort for aching backs and does a particularly fine job of supporting the lumbar area. The Back Supporter Spring Air mattresses is able to deliver this support because of advanced coil and foam technology that they have introduced into their bed assembly.

This superb support for the back is one of the reasons that folks, who have purchased and slept on this product, say they are now enjoying the best nights of sleep. It is said that back pain is the most common cause of sleep problems and restlessness. The right mattress will release tension, encourage relaxation and help a person to sleep much more soundly. This ability to sleep well and relax also helps to disrupt the ongoing cycle that perpetuates back problems and can lead to an general improvement in this area.

The Spring Air Mattress Company also has an additional line of mattress beds called the Four Seasons Collection. This line of mattresses is designed to offer you a cleaner, non-irritating and more breathable sleeping environment. The Four Seasons collection features fabric coverings that are one hundred percent natural cotton and non-toxic cotton fibers inside the mattress bed assembly, all of which are designed to improve the natural sleep experience. As well as cotton, this specialty mattress line incorporates natural fibers such as silk, down and wool throughout the different models. These natural fibers are said to deliver the benefit of improved "breathability," which gives you more comfortable sleeping conditions.

Additional advantages to this line of products are the options available. They have developed technological innovations that have resulted in the use of foam in their mattress beds that is more environmentally friendly. Their version of VPF or variable pressure foam is now manufactured using an ingenious process that considerably reduces damaging toxic and blowing agents. This not only makes the final product safer to bring into your home, but also in addition helps in the overall fight to make the environment healthier for everybody.

Spring Air mattress manufacturers have also been able to bring an additional innovation to the market in the form of their new Pocket Coil Technology. This approach to mattress bed assembly has each coil individually separated and encased, so that every coil functions as an independent unit. This helps to significantly reduce the motion transfer that happens in your average mattress when your partner is tossing and turning throughout the night.