Types of Bed

  • Adjustable Beds for Home Use
    Adjustable Beds for Home Use. Once only found in hospitals, many folks are turning to adjustable beds as a great solution to their home sleeping problems
  • Traditional Canopy Beds
    Canopy beds are ideal for girls of all ages and a simple swap of the drapes which hang over the bed can alter the whole look of the bedroom
  • Daybeds with Trundle - Daybed Bedding Sets
    Finding day bed linens used to be difficult, but many stores now carry complete daybed bedding sets. For daybeds with trundle, these packages include a skirt to hide the lower frame
  • Daybeds for Children
    Daybeds for children can be the answer to bridging the gap between childhood and the teen years. They do not take up much space and can be used as a seating area when the bed is not in use
  • Futon Bed Frame - Futon Couch Beds
    The modern futon bed frame has come a long way since the days of college dorms. However, the design of futon couch beds vary substantially between the different manufacturers
  • Japanese Style Platform Beds
    Japanese style platform beds are a great alternative to traditional bed frames. A platform bed sits close to the floor and consists of a mattress on top of a solid wooden box type structure
  • Luxury King Size Beds
    King size beds are incredibly luxurious and comfortable but many folks think they do not have sufficient space in their master bedroom to accomodate a double bed of this size
  • Space Saving Beds - Loft Bed - Murphy Bed - Bunk Beds
    Given floor space is at a premium in the modern home, space saving beds such as loft, Murphy and bunk beds offer a viable alternative location for your mattress without sacrificing living space
  • Top Quality Sofa Beds - Sofa Bed Mattresses
    Older model sofa bed mattresses were embarrassingly thin. However, the quality sofa beds of today have changed beyond all recognition.