Softside Water Bed Mattress - Waveless Water Bed Mattress

Do you remember those giant water balloons of the 1970's that went under the name of a Waterbed. To this day, the waterbed remains a very viable option for those seeking a comfortable mattress without having to spend their life savings. Nowadays, they have evolved into mature sleep systems vying even the best of conventional mattresses.

If you slept on a waterbed in the seventies, you will no doubt remember the experience as a free for all of bouncing and sloshing. When you rolled over, your bed partner often found himself disappearing onto the floor. Today, this is only a possibility if you choose a full motion free flowing mattress. This rarely seen relic is just a large vinyl sac filled with water and although it provides a soft, supportive surface for sleeping on, it can be very difficult to maneuver into and out of.

For increased support and a reduced incidence of seasickness, opt for a semi motionless mattress. Layers of foam coupled with baffles inside the mattress act as buffers against the waves of water. The higher the number of layers, the less motion that occurs and the greater the support. While these types of waterbed mattresses are more costly than their free flowing counterparts, they are still not as expensive as a traditional sleep system.

To house these sack like mattresses, a hard sided frame is a necessity. The frame is generally made of wood and can be padded around the edges for comfort. The box shape does not lend itself well to some decors and the hard edges can make the beds a challenge to decorate. Another downfall is the difficulty you may face when trying to find linens to fit the unusual demands of this type of bed.

To counter these problems, waterbed manufacturers have developed the soft side waterbed mattress. This mattress looks like a bed from the outside and fits into a standard bed frame. It is available in the same sizes and dimensions that consumers are used to seeing.

The components of a soft sided waterbed are similar to the deluxe air beds now available. There is a firm, but not rigid, wall of foam around the edge of the mattress. The inner support system is composed of either large water chambers or water tubes. The water chamber system allows for more of the traditional waterbed feeling while the tubes reduce motion to the point that it is difficult to tell you are sleeping on a waterbed.

Covering the water chamber, you will have the same types of foam and batting that is used on traditional mattresses. Some manufacturers even offer a memory foam layer on top for ultimate comfort. With all of options available to consumers today, a soft-sided waterbed can be a great alternative to the innerspring mattress.

The dream of floating in comfort as you sleep can be a reality. Choose a full motion, waveless, or even a soft-sided mattress. You are making a great choice for your own rest, as well as taking care of the comfort and the health of your back.