Comparing Mattress Types

Do you wake up every day feeling like you have aged twenty years overnight. Do you just put it down to your aging body and leave it at that. On the other hand, it could well be your less than best rated mattress and not your aging body that is the problem. Indeed, you could feel years younger if you gave your body the support it needs while resting and this support can only be accomplished through a good mattress.

A mattress provides support during sleep by countering the effects of gravity on the body. The type of mattress used determines the method of support.

A standard bed mattress uses innerspring coils to provide the lift to counter gravity’s pull.

An aero bed uses pockets of air to support the body, while a waterbed uses a mattress filled with water for support.

Also, thanks to modern technology, we have the Tempur mattress that is made of Visco foam and responds to both body weight and body heat to conform to the body for complete support.

Advantages of each Type of Mattress

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Innerspring Coil Mattress

Well, the bed mattress using innerspring coils is a long-lasting, dependable source of support. Also, the comfort level can be adjusted by varying the amount of padding and by the use of different fabrics for the covering. The softness or firmness of a mattress does not affect the support level since most quality innerspring systems are the same among different beds.

A softer bed can provide just as much support as a firmer one, the only difference being the amount of plush material placed on top of the springs.

With some manufacturers, the cost of the mattress does affect the support system by varying the coil count. The higher the cost, the more coils there are to support the body.

However, the coil count is not the only consideration. For example, Stearns and Foster brand mattresses have the same lower coil count in every mattress no matter the price, but their coils are made with a heavier weight metal and so they provide more support with fewer coils. To make this process easier to sift through, just know that name brand innerspring mattresses all use excellent support systems and choose your mattress based on the softness or firmness you prefer.

Aerobed Air Mattress

The aero bed provides comfort and support together through the use of air. The softness is determined by using more or less air in the chamber.

In some models, the firmness can be set to different levels on the different sides of the bed, allowing sleep partners to choose their own comfort level.

Waterbed Mattress

A waterbed uses a similar system using water instead of air. The firmness of a waterbed mattress, however, is created through the use of multiple baffles to reduce the motion and sag allowed by the older “water balloon” models.

Most modern waterbed mattresses are designed to look like standard mattresses and fit standard bed frames.

Visco Memory Foam Mattress

One newer choice in mattresses is the Visco foam mattress.

Originally developed for use by astronauts, this man-made material uses body heat and weight to conform to the body and provide all over support without creating pressure points. This allows for a more peaceful sleep by causing less tossing and turning.

With this type of mattress, however, cost can be a major factor since the less expensive models use a less dense foam providing a lower level of support.

Whatever type of mattress you choose, know that increasing the support your body receives at night will allow you to get a more peaceful, restful night’s sleep. This will allow your body to awaken rejuvenated and feeling years younger. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that?