Comparison of Mattresses – How to Compare Bed Mattresses

If you have ever gone out mattress comparison shopping, you will more than likely be familiar with some of the sales hype.

  • “This is absolutely the lowest price you will ever find on this mattress.”
  • “Today is the only day we can offer you this price.”
  • “No one else carries this mattress at this price.”

All of these and a lot more variations, can be heard from salespeople when the time comes to buy a new mattress. Figuring out the facts from the fiction takes determination and some knowledge about how the industry works.

How Mattress Stores Totally Rip You Off

Why is Mattress Comparison so Difficult

Comparison of mattresses is often like trying to compare apples to oranges. What is more, it is to the stores benefit to keep it that way. At the first store, you took a fancy to the Allison model mattress, but try as you may, you just cannot find another Allison in any other store.

The cause of this problem is down to manufacturers who create different models for every store that they sell to.

It is not uncommon for a company to make just five basic mattress models, but then change the fabric and call them by different names so that each store can have an ‘exclusive’ model.

For instance, say that the Allison is a level three Sealy mattress, and it has a pink fabric cover. The Sedona may also be a level three Sealy mattress at another store but has a blue cover. Then, at a third store, the level three Sealy mattress may be called the Elite and have yellow fabric.

Sound confusing – well that it is the way it is meant to be as retailers do not want you to be able to compare like for like.

Of course, all of the mattresses are comparable but you, as the consumer, are not supposed to know that.

Bouncing up and down on the edge of the mattress and a ten second lie down test will not reveal it either. The best thing you can do is to decide what features you are looking for and then look for the best price available with those features.

Why is Mattress Price Comparison so Confusing

Another confusion tactic used by mattress retailers is to run one sale after the other. This is done purposely to make you feel pressured into buying your mattress today. They know full well that if you do not buy from them right there and then, the chances are that you will not come back.

In an attempt to keep you from comparison shopping, you will be told that the sale is over at midnight and tomorrow you will have to pay full price.

But what about that full price – does anybody ever pay full price for a mattress?

In truth, the majority of retailers have an inflated retail price so that they can easily run their perpetual sales. This causes consumers to feel pressured to make quick decisions. In reality, the sale price is more than likely the actual retail price, so you should not feel pressured into acting too quickly. In all likelihood, if you wait, the sale will still be going on under a different name next week.

When it comes time to invest in a quality mattress, remember to take the time to compare features and not model names. Also, do not give in to the fear that the one-day sale offered to you by the commission salesperson will not be available tomorrow. If they can sell it to you for a good price today, they will still be able to match that good price tomorrow or next week.