Benefits of Using a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you have heard about the benefits of memory foam but feel that you cannot afford to replace your existing mattress, there is a cheaper alternative in the form of a memory foam mattress topper pad.

Memory foam matress topper pads are available for single, double, king and queen size beds and can even be custom made to suit individual requirements.

They are reasonably priced when compared to buying a new and famously branded mattress and are a great way to make your old sleep system feel new again.

Are Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Worth the Money?

What are the Benefits of a Mattress Topper

Mattress pads are two to three inches thick and simply fit over your existing mattress. They are especially used for people suffering from lower back pains.

Foam mattress pads mold to your body shape, providing a custom fit while you sleep. This in turn aids restful sleep and eliminates a night of tossing and turning trying to get yourself comfortable.

Memory foam molds itself perfectly to the human form through the action of body heat and weight. Pressure points are eliminated which makes for a more comfortable night. Memory foam was initially developed by NASA to make astronauts more comfortable during takeoff.

Types of Foam used in Mattress Toppers

There is a variety of different foams used in mattress topper pads.

Memory Foam vs Natural Latex

Natural latex foams are a 100% natural material which are also hypo allergenic. This fact alone can make them of great benefit to those who suffer from allergies to dust mites. Alternatively, if you just prefer to sleep on a natural product, then latex foam is for you.

Latex produced using the Talalay method, is made from 70% natural materials and can be produced in a variety of firmness’s. Latex is also biodegradable which is a bonus when it comes to disposing of the pad.

Although memory foam mattress topper pads are great for making a firm or overly firm mattress much more comfortable, they will not fix other basic problems such as mattresses with compressed areas or existing dips.

Mattresses wear down differently depending on a variety of factors, including how often the mattress has been used, how it was cared for and whether it has been used as a trampoline by children.

Since mattresses can be considered as an investment, they will need protection like any other big purchase. Mattress pads are an excellent way to protect your mattress from stains and everyday wear and tear while also providing a real improvement in the quality of your sleep

When looking for a quality foam mattress pad, expect to pay in the region of $150 to $300. Do not go for the cheapest that you can find as it is likely to use inferior quality foam that will not last.

You will also need to consider the density. A higher density has less ‘give’ and therefore takes longer to spring back into shape while a low density may be too soft. Ideally, look for one of 2 to 5 lb.