Japanese Style Platform Beds

If you are thinking about purchasing a new bed, then you might want to consider one of several Japanese style platform beds on the market as a viable choice. These comfortable beds are very low to the ground, and you will not have to worry about getting a conventional, hard box spring with your bed mattress.

These types of beds include some great bedroom furnishings, and you will not be dissatisfied by the quality of sleep that you will experience while you rest through the night. Having said that, if like numerous people, you are not familiar with the platform bed, this is a brief lowdown of what they are and how you can benefit from owning one.

The Beauty of Simplicty — Japanese Platform Beds

The composition of a platform bed is much like a wooden box, normally crafted from hard wood or plywood. You can also find platform beds in metal. Many have the similar look of a conventional bed, yet the mattress rests on a solid platform.

You will not have to worry about resting on a mattress plus a box spring. The box spring is often rather uncomfortable on the back but with a Japanese style platform bed, you are going to be sleeping on just the mattress.

Japanese Platform Bed Pros and Cons

There are some positives and negatives to owning a platform bed – one being that you will have a relatively modern bedroom suite. It is also near enough to the ground that you do not have to use a stepladder to climb up on the bed if you happen to be diminutive in stature.

The negatives of using a platform bed are that it is close to the floor, and you will not have the storage space potential that most beds provide underneath. If you have trouble bending your knees or perhaps lowering yourself, then this may not be the bed for you.

One thing you should keep in mind is that a platform bed is not like the wood or metal frames for futons. Those have spaces under the mattress, whilst the platform bed does not.

Many folks compare the platform bed to that of air mattresses and in one sense, that is a logical comparison to make. You will not have the hard wooden box springs under your bed mattress. This may provide you with the support you require whilst not needing to be concerned about pressure points coming from the slats beneath your mattress.

Bedroom collections that include Japanese style platform beds are becoming the ‘in thing’ of the bedding world. Having a dresser and a vanity which complements will bring your bedroom together, so why not go ahead, splurge, and buy the entire collection. Your bedroom will certainly thank you when it becomes classy and relaxing. What is more, a Japanese style platform bed might be exactly what you need in order to enjoy a great night of sleep.