Luxury King Size Beds

In case you have never had the opportunity to stay in a luxurious room in a hotel that includes king size beds, then you are definitely missing out on something amazing. There is so much space in a king size bed that it is likely to make it difficult to return to a queen or double bed.

The master bedroom suite in your own home will pale in comparison with the sheer size as well as the pleasure that comes from sleeping on a king size mattress.

The experience of being able to sleep in just about any direction, provided you are not exceptionally tall, is one thing that a queen size bed simply cannot match. As a result, the stay was wonderful and now you are spoiled and would like your own king size bed since a queen bed will never be the same to you again.

However, it is important to figure out one or two things right from the start.

king size mattress dimensions

Have you got space for a king size bed or is a queen bed the only size that will squeeze into your bedroom. Many folks prefer to have king size beds instead of space, so this decision is completely your choice.

Other folks do not have a situation in their master bedroom where there is a lot of extra space so you will need to consider this option very carefully.

The beds headboards will likely be a lot bigger when compared with what you will normally come across on queen beds. It could mean upwards of a foot of difference on either side dependent on the type of headboard that you opt for.

The footboard is likely to be the same way. You will be giving up valuable bedroom space. You could of course opt for just a headboard and leave the footboard off to save space and allow you extra flexibility at the end of the bed. This is particularly good for tall folks who have to think about their feet hanging from the mattress.

You must also take into account that bedding will be a lot more expensive for a king size bed when compared to a normal full or queen mattress.

Should your master bedroom have the capacity to accommodate the sheer size of king size beds then go ahead and laze in its spacious delight. You will have that luxurious experience that you had when you stayed at that lavish hotel. You will definitely love the space. Once it is setup, you are going to want to clamber up on the mattress and bask in the delightful space. That alone will be worth giving up any extra room that you might lose by changing to a king size bed.