Restless Legs Syndrome Treatment

If you have been having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep throughout the night, or even being able to rest for a few minutes at a time, you should explore certain factors that may be affecting your sleep, such as stress, lack of nutrition, or anxiety.

However, if you experience this restlessness along with an urgency to move your legs and find that you only experience relief when you are walking or running, you may have restless legs syndrome.

A doctor can only make this diagnosis, but if you find that you feel better and are experiencing less pain when you are moving, it may be time to visit your physician to figure out ways you can combat this condition.

If you think you may have restless legs syndrome, you may also experience involuntary limb movements during the night, which could jerk you out of your sleep, and make it difficult to get any rest during the night.

After a doctor conducts a few tests during your visit, you may be prescribed some medication for the condition, such as Mirapex or Requip.

However, as with all medications, there are side effects, and you should discuss these with your doctor before taking your first dose. This is because you may have other health conditions or are currently taking medicines that will interfere with the healing process.

There are also natural alternatives for restless legs syndrome, so ask your doctor if you should try these methods instead of taking sleep medicine for a while.

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The jerking of the limbs could be due to a vitamin B12 deficiency, so taking the vitamin as a supplement, or adding more lean meats to the diet may help you to feel better and reduce symptoms over time.

You should also supplement the diet with iron, in order to keep your energy level up and to keep the blood flow constant throughout the body; lack of circulation is another cause of restless legs syndrome, and iron can help to curb this.

Furthermore, you may want to stay away from alcohol and caffeine while you are trying to treat restless legs syndrome. Caffeine awakens the nervous system, and can make it harder for you to stay in a restful state. Alcohol can cause you to become too sedentary after a while, which could cause more pain to the joints.

Your diet is very important as well, so make sure that you are not eating foods that will make your symptoms worse. Try consuming foods with seratonin, which is a natural relaxation agent that the body needs. Foods like turkey, bananas, and oatmeal all contain seratonin, so try having an oatmeal cookie or banana as a snack before bedtime to curb your restless legs syndrome symptoms.