Space Saving Beds – Loft Bed – Murphy Bed – Bunk Beds

In our technological advanced world of today, the bedroom has become more than just a place to sleep. Since floor space is at a premium in the modern home, loft, Murphy and bunk beds offer a viable alternative location for your mattress without sacrificing additional areas of living space.

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Space Saving Loft Beds

Loft beds have become a popular choice for a child’s bedroom as well as dorm rooms. With a loft bed, the mattress is placed on a platform that is several feet off the ground. The area underneath, where there once would have been only a bed, can then be used as workspace, seating space, or just for storage.

There are a number of options available for loft beds that can make them a viable choice for any bedroom where lack of floor space is a problem. For instance, there are loft beds available that have a built-in futon as the bottom layer. The futon can then be used when additional seating is required during the day, and then convert its mattress into extra sleeping space at night if required.

Another great option offered on some loft bed models is a built-in desk or computer station. For teens and college students, this extra study space is very valuable, and their young legs do not mind climbing the ladder at night to sleep. In addition to building in desks, some manufacturers include a built-in dresser beneath the bed. What a great way to gain storage in a tight space.

At the top of the range is the all in one loft bed which has it all. It has a twin- or full-size bed up top, while underneath there is a wardrobe for hanging clothes, drawers for storing folded clothes, a desk for workspace and even a slide out mattress, or trundle for extra sleeping space.

Space Saving Bunk Beds

In today’s market of homes with three bedrooms, if you have more than two children, some have to double up. While some bedrooms can accommodate multiple beds, bunk beds remain a necessary choice. With models that use two twin mattresses, a twin mattress over a full mattress or two full size mattresses available, it is possible to sleep an increasingly large number of people without building on to the house. Some companies even offer a triple bunk with three beds stacked on top of each other to really maximize space.

Space Saving Murphy Beds

A less popular but still very practical option for small spaces is the Murphy bed. These beds allow a mattress to be folded inside a wall or cabinet. Murphy beds were popular in the seventies and became famous in the comedy movies that saw characters accidentally folded inside the wall with their mattress. This is highly unlikely since most models lock into place when opened and lock into place when closed. As they are available in wall models and cabinet models, you can find one to suit any space or decor needs.

If you live in a small space, you still have options. You can lift that mattress off the ground with a loft bed or hide it with a Murphy bed. However, if you need to sleep many people in the smallest amount of space, bunks beds may your best choice.