What makes Tempur Foam Mattresses so Special

If your typical night is tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position because your joints feel like they are going to break under your own weight, you may want to try one of the new tempur memory foam mattresses.

This futuristic design was originally developed by the American space program engineers. It is a viscoelastic foam or memory foam and was designed to help absorb some of the pressure that an astronaut suffers during lift off.

The design was so good that hospitals developed a mattress out of the tempur memory foam to use with their bedridden patients. That in turn led to those patients enjoying the experience so much that they began to ask for one for home.

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

The first version to appear was the Tempur-Pedic Mattress which is still considered the gold standard of memory foam.

Since that first version, several comfort levels of Tempur-Pedic have been developed with the supportive core layer thickness ranging from three to six inches. The thicker the core layer, the firmer the support.

In addition, to the core layer, the subsequent layers of memory foam also vary in thickness. The thicker the memory foam layer, the plusher and more cushiony the mattress will feel.

Although other mattress companies began to release their own versions of the product, Tempur was, and remains, the only company recognized by NASA and permitted to use the certified technology seal on their products. To date, the secret formula behind the Tempur material is only known to a few highly trained scientists.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Another brand of memory foam mattress is Dormia, who pride themselves in offering a high-quality mattress with added features. They have a thick latex mattress as the core with all natural fibers in the coverings.

The latex core is divided into three zones, with softer support at the head and feet and firmer support for the back and hips.

The padding layer over the memory foam layer on a Dormia features New Zealand wool which is said to allow cooler sleeping in the summer and warmer sleeping in the winter.

The box spring construction on a Dormia mattress is also distinctive in that they use wider boards and harder woods. Dormia are also assembled by the Pennsylvania Amish who are noted for their outstanding quality of workmanship.

Tempur-Pedic Foam vs. Traditional Memory Foam

What makes Memory Foam Mattresses so Special

Due to the popularity of the memory foam mattress, there has been a boom in manufacturers that choose to include one or more models in their lineup. All of the major mattress manufacturers including Sealy, Serta, and Simmons have included memory foam in one or more of their models.

The tempur material has proven very popular with consumers and more and more independent manufacturers are popping up in show rooms and on the Internet.

A quick search on the internet will turn up names like Bragada, Angel Beds, Absolute Comfort and Memory Foam Factory. The majority of these companies claim that their bed is just as good as the Tempur-Pedic but at a lower cost. However, as is often the case, beware of sales hype.

Some lower cost mattresses use material that is comparable to Tempur-Pedic while others use a lower density tempur material in their mattress. The lower the density, the less support that is offered. As in most things, beware of anything that has a price that seems to be too good to be true as it more than likely is.

When looking around for a memory foam mattress, try to compare foam density, latex core support, and memory foam comfort layer depth. Determine the minimum standard for your needs and do not fall for the lowest price available. As with most things – you get what you pay for.