Types of Mattresses

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Who Invented the Mattress

The history of the mattress has evolved from early man who invented the mattress made out of fallen leaves and animal skins into one of the most important pieces of modern household furniture

How to Sleep Good on Your Bed Mattress

For the average adult, how to sleep good at night means getting around seven to eight hours of quality sleep. To qualify as quality sleep, you need to actually be asleep, and not just lying in bed

Comparing Mattress Types

If you wake feeling as if you have aged twenty years overnight, it could be down to your less than best rated mattress rather than your aging body

How to Buy a Mattress - Best Mattress to Buy

Doing a little homework on how to buy a mattress before going shopping can make a world of difference when it comes to deciding on the best mattress to buy

Comparison of Mattresses - How to Compare Bed Mattresses

When it comes time to invest in a quality mattress, remember to take the time to compare features and not model names

Most Comfortable Mattress and Bed Frame

To know what makes the most comfortable mattress, you need to know how it is constructed and why. Understanding just what it is you want out of a mattress will help you choose the best one for you

Best Brand of Mattresses - Sealy vs Simmons

If you are looking for the best brand of mattresses on the market, Sealy and Simmons, who have been making quality sleep systems for over a century, are well worth looking into

Bed Mattress Size Selection Guide

When choosing a new mattress, most folks consider the space they have to fit the bed into rather than selecting a mattress size that is conducive to a good night's sleep

What makes Tempur Foam Mattresses so Special

Tempur foam mattresses are considered the gold standard of memory foam mattresses but what makes tempur-pedic so special

Benefits of Using a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you have heard about the benefits of memory foam but cannot afford to replace your mattress, there is a cheaper option in the form of a memory foam mattress topper

Air Bed Mattresses for Back Support

If you find yourself awakening frequently with continual back pain, you will do well to think about changing to an adjustable air bed mattress